Sunday, 22 January 2017

Animal World - Mundo Animal

A little known fact about Mamonas Assassinas (Killer Castor Beans, already featured on this blog on Turn Turn and Naked in Santos) was their philanthropic work, especially geared towards educating the young generations in topics like sexual education, foreign languages and gender studies. In this poem they explain in a really simplified way the rich world fauna and its reproduction mechanisms. Its adoption by the ministry of education in the official Brazilian curriculum helped a whole generation to learn faster and improve their lives.

Eating armadillos is good.
Too bad it hurts my back.
Because the animal is too short
And that's why I prefer the goats

The goat has breasts
That feed their descendants
In the animal world there is lots of fornication
For example, dogs
Who fucks her own mother, her sister and her aunts
They get stuck at four loving each other
In broad daylight

The animals, have some interesting animals
Just imagine what the elephant's sex is like
And the camels that have the balls on their backs
And the cows that wherever they go
Leave a trail of shit

The doves when they fly
Incredibly, they fly overhead
With their ass pointing at our heads
Then comes the blast of their anal bazooka
There are doves with laser sight
The shot comes out always fatal.

Totally beautiful whales in the ocean
Swimming with grace, fleeing from hunting
Of human men
The man is cuckold and cruel
But the whale that does not horn and is faithful

[chorus 2x]

Monday, 16 January 2017

Emotions - Emoções

We've covered on previous postings the art of Mr. Roberto Carlos, his peculiar preference for women that are 20 years younger than he is, and how some of his songs show how accepting brazilian culture is of smaller penises. By reading all of this, one would think that our man is all about sex, but that's where you're mistaken, oh foreign friend: Roberto Carlos is also about romance and emotions. So much so that his name is one of the synonyms for love, passion and kitsch, if the Brazilian Academy of Letters is to be believed.

When I am here and live this beautiful moment 
Looking at you and the same emotions feeling 
They are many lived, they are moments I have not forgotten 
Details of a life, stories I've told here

Friends I have earned, loneliness I felt departing
And sometimes I let you see me crying smiling 
I know everything the love is capable of giving me
I know I've suffered but I don't stop loving  
If I loved or if I smiled 
The important is that emotions I've lived

But I'm here living this beautiful moment
In front of you and the emotions repeating themselves 
In peace with life and what it brings me 
In the hope that makes me too optimistic 
If I loved or if I smiled   
The important is that emotions I've lived

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Details - Detalhes

Brazil has been a liberal country since its foundation, from the naked indigenous people to its acceptance of transgender people during the Carnaval celebrations, Brazil has a culture of accepting people by the gender they choose instead the one they were born. Roberto Carlos shows us this acceptance by describing here a gay couple and their unconditional love despite some disadvantage in a part of their male anatomy.

It is not easy to forget me
During too much time in your life I'll live 
Small details of us too
Are too big things to forget
And every hour we will be present
You'll see 
If another man appear on your street
And this brings memories about me, it is your fault
The loud roar of your car
The old discolored trousers or something like that
You'll immediately remember me 
I know the other must be saying on your ear
Love words like I said, but, I doubt
I doubt he has too much love
And the mistakes of my bad English
And at that time you'll remember me 
At night, involved in the silence of your room
Before sleeping you look for my portrait
But on the frame I am not the only one that smiles
But you see my smile anyway
And all this will make you'll remember me 
If someone touch your body like me, don't say anything
Don't say my name by mistake to the wrong person
Thinking you have love at this moment, desperate
You try until the end
And at that moment you'll remember me 
I know these details will disappear on the long road
From time that transforms every love in almost anything
But almost is also a detail
A big love is not going to die like this
Because of that, sometimes you will,
you will remember me 
Don't even bother trying to forget me
During lots and lots of time in your life I'll live

Monday, 28 March 2016

Brot und Zirkusses - Panis et Circencis

Tropicalism was an artistic movement created in the late 60's, a time known for being particularly welcoming of free speech and artistic expression, following 1964's Democratic Revolution. It mixes several influences, such as typical Brazilian poetry, Concretism, Dada and Cryptosonism.

This particular poem was written by the Mutants, a collective of mutants, without any cool powers (except for an insane tolerance to shamanic drugs and alcohol). The title, latin for "Bread and circuses" is a reference to the soviet bread lines and the Moscow Circus (Московский цирк Никулина for those in the known). As usual with ungrateful artists that believed being wronged by the mighty and fair Free Market, the Mutants dreamed of a day that Brazil would be under communist rule, and while this song doesn't seem to make much sense, it's believed to be a code for a soviet agent, Димитрий Ассассино to initiate an operation to assassinate our beloved military junta during dinner time. As we all know, the plan failed, and the military "temporary-while-we-sort-this-democracy-thing-out" government lasted short 20 years.

I wanted to sing
My sunlit song
I've released the fabrics over the masts in the air
I've released the tigers and lions in the backyards
But the folks in the dinning room
Are occupied with being born and dying

I've ordered
Of pure steel, a powerful poignard
To kill my love, and so I've done
At five, in the Main Street
But the folks in the dinning room
Are occupied with being born and dying

I've commanded to be planted
Leaves of dreams, at the solarium
The leaves know how to search the Sun
And the roots, to search, search

But the folks in the dinning room
These folks in the dinning room
Are the folks in the dinning room
But the folks in the dinning room
Are occupied with being born and dying

Sunday, 13 March 2016

40 year old women - Mulher de 40

Roberto Carlos is a famous Brazilian poet with an oddly specific taste in women: they gotta be exactly 20 years younger than him. Once he turned 60, to celebrate that his new dating cohort was fully socially acceptable, he wrote a song about it, while praising the advantages of dating such women, which are considered by much to be too old to be part of the dating pool. This resonated with the brazilian public, and it has become a regular fixture on the yearly Christmas special played at the state-owning TV Station Globo.
Beautiful smile
Look of someone that knows something about the life
Knows love
And who knows a pain
kept hidden

By experience
Knows the difference
between love and passion
What is truth
A quick affair
or pure illusion

Is young enough
But not like earlier
But it is so beautiful
She is a woman
That knows what she wants
and on love believes

I don't want to know
About your life, your story
Not even your past
40 years old woman
I just wanna be
your boyfriend

Age doesn't matter
The happiness
Arrives one day
If she lives happy
Or wait again to meet a new one

If she gets distracted
A tear drop
When looking into the past
Her distant look
Go in an instant
To a golden time

Retouch the make-up
Full of courage
This beautiful woman
That is not a girl anymore
But fascinates everyone
And conquers me

I don't want to know
About your life, your story
Not even your past
40 years old woman
I just wanna be
your boyfriend

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Good - O Bom

On the sadly short-lived Communist days that came from the Cohen Plan, an interesting class system was established in Brazil, where restrictions were placed upon haircuts and car ownership, with different styles denoting different positions within the Party. Higher ranking official were allowed red cars and, oddly enough, to have long fringes in their hair.

Erasmo Carlos was not such a man, but this song shows his dreams of one day achieving greatness among his Comrades. Sadly Getúlio Vargas came along and heroically stopped the revolution by becoming one of our many benevolent dictators.
He is the good, is the good, is the good
He is the good, is the good, is the good

My car is red
I don't use mirror to comb myself
Little boots with no socks
It is only on the sand I know how to work

Hair in the forehead, I am the owner of the party
I belong to the ten more
If you wanna try I know you'll like

When I appear the comment is general
He is the good, is the the best!
Have lots of girls for me is normal
I am the good among the ten more

He is the good, is the good, is the good
He is the good, is the good, is the good
He is the good, is the good, is the good
He is the good, is the good, is the good

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I am livre - Eu sou free

In the 80's, the Liberal Institute, a well renowned libertarian think tank, wanted to bring the gist of the free market, and their ideals of liberty, to young people. To that end, the pop group Sempre Livre (Always Free) was formed - and to make it even more modern looking, only women were allowed on it.

This poem, "Eu sou free", translated into "I am livre" to mimic the author's use of two languages, is such an example of what is known as the Tropical-objectivism, a very short-lived movement spearheaded by the Always Free group. This particular piece is the tale of an enterprising young woman, who, despite having what appears to be hippie parents, started an early career in the Free Market, first by importing items into Brazil in a tax-free fashion, and later by becoming a freelancer in an unspecified profession. Whatever that profession is, all we know is that the customer was free to do whatever they want, and that it should remain strictly professional, as romance has no place in the life of such a dedicated freelancer, as she describer herself.
I always studied in experimental schools
My dad was a pro surfer
My mum used to make cool natal maps
My mum used to make natal maps

I spent my childhood in Cochabamba
Fencing smuggled goods, dodging customs
I'm not the picketing type
I'm terrified of commitment

You can do whatever you want to me
I don't care
You can do whatever you want to me
I don't care

I am livre (I am livre)
Always livre (always livre)
I'm too livre
I am livre (livre)
Always livre (always livre)
I'm too livre

But you don't stand a chance
Don't try to romance me
Because I'm livre
Professional liberal
Professional liberal

Monday, 22 February 2016

Naked in Santos - Pelados em Santos

All generations need their own obsessive love song. The eighties had “Every breath you take”, the nineties had “Losing my religion” and Brazil at the same time had its famous Naked in Santos (Pelados in Santos), from Mamonas assassinas (killer castor beans). This song is considered a masterpiece for its use of both English and Portuguese mixed in the lyrics to describe how the hero was able to deal with really hard situations despite the fact he did not speak either correctly. It is also remembered by the generations that were inspired by its message and shocked by the sudden and tragic death of all of the band members in an airplane accident after recording its only and first album and during what people considered not only the peak of their careers but also the golden age of Brazilian music as a whole. The day of their death (march 3rd, 1996) is still remembered as “The day Brazilian music died” by its still growing legion of admirers.

Translator note: some mistakes were reproduced from the original Brazilian poem. The parts in English were translated back to Portuguese to represent the author’s ability to deal with both languages.

Baby, your hair is of hour

Your big body guitar, my coconut little candy
Yo leaving me crazy

My yellow VW
is of open doors
So we can love each other
Naked in Santos

‘Cause you, my Pitchula
left me big cool
I don’t feelch lonely
You are my little chayote

Musica é muito bom
(O People ah ah ah)
But with me she does not want to marry
(O People ah ah ah)
In yellow VW with gaucha wheels
she doesn’t want to enter
(O People ah ah ah)

Is beans with jabá
The bitch don’t want to share
But she is gorgeous
Ai sim! Ai não!
My little coconut candy

Musica é muito porreta
(Oh people, Paraguay)
To Paraguay she did not want to travel
(Oh people, Paraguay)
I bought a Reebok and a Fiorucci pants
She does not want to use
(Oh people, Paraguay)

I don’t know what to do
To conquer this baby
Cause she is gorgeous
A lotch more than gorgeous
Muito, Muito bonita

You leave me very crazy!
Ai sim! Ai não!
My little chayote!

Ai sim! Ai não, não não
I do te amo vocee……..

Wait a moment that there is 
a bit more of “e”

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dick - Detetive

Detetive is a traditional southern Brazilian group Nin-Jitsu Community, a martial arts cult commune known for their thought provoking commentary on world affairs, in an interesting mix of music and interpretive dance.

In this poem, the high priest commune's frontman Bro Mudanças, confides in a friend about his dad's job, being a Dick (possibly for the Brazilian police), and compares his dad's daily life to his friend's dad's life, who leads a much saner lifestyle by being a broker. While sounding like boasting to the untrained eye, the use of the verb "to have" in the past tense, the implied message that his dad partakes in ritualistic offerings (by saying that the broker is unable to do so), and citing the morbid possibility of being HIV Positive, Bro Mudanças is actually showing us that he's prepared for his dad's inevitable death on the job, and his dissatisfaction at his dad's apparent disregard for his own life.

While the Commune is based in Alvorada, the 3rd safest city in Brazil (with a relatively low homicide rate of 44 homicides per 100k residents per year), it is a perfectly reasonable concern to the familiies of those employed in Law Enforcement. On top of the inherent risk of being an LEO, his dad's vacations on Far West re-enactments, where usually live ammunition is used during duels, further displays his disregard for his life.

Had Had
My dad is a dick
My dad is a dick
My dad is a dick
But your dad is a broker!

My dad is a dick
And faces legal issues
Your dad is a broker
And doesn't do much
My dad is a dick
Arrests robbers and drug dealers
Your dad is a wuss
That hides behind bookshelves


My dad's a dick
Entered the robber's home
Fired a shot at point blank
That broke the telly
Your dad's a broker
And his a simpleton
Won't even do voodoo offerings
And is afraid of wakes


My dad's a dick
Knows all the cops
Your dad's a broker
And is an habitué of The Booze Breath
My dad's a dick
And doesn't deal with cupcakes
And your dad, seriously
I think he fries tiny Berliners


Had Had
HIV Positive
Had Positive
HIV Positive
Had Positive
HIV Positive
But mine's negative!

My dad's a detective
And he's been to Punta del Este
And knows the entire Brazil
And takes holidays on the Far West
Your dad's a broker
And works at Grande Venda
On Thursdays he goes to Paraguay
To smuggle G-Shock watches


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

If - Se

Djavan, the biggest composer of the Brazilian Cryptosonic movement. This movement was at its strongest during the iron years, when Brazil was under a military dictatorship, and applying heavy censorship laws. Some artists relied on not-subtle-at-all wordplay to make songs with double entendre, while the artists of this movement relied on writing poems that, unless the listener had the correct encryption key, made no sense at all.

On encryption systems, it's technically impossible to distinguish encrypted data from random bits, and on Cryptosonic music, it's impossible to distinguish a song with a hidden message from someone just picking random words from the dictionary. It's believed that 90% of songs were just fluff to confuse eavesdroppers, while the rest of songs were instructions to Soviet spies trying to infiltrate our Glorious Nation. We're not saying that Mr. Djavan's songs are random junk, or that he's a soviet spy, but there's a very high probability of that.

You said you don't know if no
But are also unsure if yes
Wanna know?
When it's like that, let it come from the heart

You know I only think about you
You said you live thinking about me
Might be, if it's like that
You have to let your hand go of no
Release that crazy woman, burn in passion
There's no way it hurts to decide
Just say yes or no
But you venerate an if

I take it seriously, but you're disguising
You tell me "a lot", and I'm horrified
And you remind me of the southern cold
Insist on 0x0, I want 1x1

I don't know what's up with you, don't want my heat
Saint George, please, lend me the dragon
It's easier to learn Japanese in Braille
Than for you to decide whether you'll give it or not