Friday, 24 April 2009

Bon-bon Brown: Marrom Bombom

One of the many "Os Morenos" (the Browns) masterpieces, this lyrical ballad shows the brazilian 90's vanguard at its best:

We have every thing on our side
Pray thee, stay with me! 
M'lady by my side, every thing is nice
Pray thee, stay with me! 

By the shore, front to the seaside
Pray thee, stay with me! 
M'lady, it is too wonderful to love 
Is you I need! 

Slip off ye Jeans, put yer dental floss
Brown girl ye are so sinfully sensual

On the sands, our love
On the beach, our sounds
Lo, be magic in our colour! 
Our brown colour

Bon-bon Brown, Bon-bon Brown! 
Our colour of brown!

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