Thursday, 23 April 2009

Jizzled in the handle: Esporrei na Manivela

A very beautiful and meaningful neo-sertanist poetry, by Rodolfo Abrantes.

Entered the train, jizzled in the handle
The inspector, mother-fucker, threw me out through the window
I fell on the floor, with my dick exposed
And an old bag sent me to the Sheriff
The Sheriff had the face of a deer and ordered me to drink in the ass
I drank in an ass, but I drank in the wrong ass
When I realised, it was the sheriff's ass

The public transportation is ideal for groping,
As people in crowds tend to rub each other
With the old colored women it's leg here and leg there
And if the cunt is poorly washed, it makes the cheese sweat.
"Speak Head!"

Whether it's in bumps or sudden breaks,
Whether it's in curves or highways,
Those are ideal situations for groping,
At the public transport, what matters is the Dick's law:
Those who have it, rub on those who don't,
Those who don't, just get themselves screwed up.

Mr. Sheriff, this is the deal
Mr. Sheriff, release the kids
The Raimundos is nice people, Mr. Sheriff
You are also interested in the buisiness there doctor
Take it easy, crook
there, doctor
We'll sing the rock for you
you are nice people
Rock boy, for the dick of the Sheriff

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