Friday, 24 April 2009

Totally Awesome: Totalmente demais

This piece, by Hanói-Hanói discusses the problems of upper-class women. The parts translated into german in this master piece were written originally in English, but to keep with the author's intentions of alienating the reader of the upper-class terms, they were translated into german. We apologize for not translating them into latin.
Gorgeous as a baby
What gender has, what gender has?
Dates always with Schwulen
What sense does it make? So homossexualy sensual
Rock'n Roll?
For her, it's Jazz!
She has scored
Hohe Leben, Gesellschaft
Paying the tall game!

Smart as no one
She goes on good
She just scores.
During full moon she's crazy
She's in love, I don't know with whom!

She shaked... one extra sprout.
She didn't even think about it... She enjoyed it! She's gone already!
It was just to relax.
Totally awesome, awesome.
Totally awesome, awesome.
Totally awesome, awesome.
Totally awesome!

She always knows who has it.
She builds airplane, she just scores.
If you think she has a problem.
She has no problems!
She makes sex well!

She's got a brand new car, her sprout is beautiful
Her body is a carpet, of the kind that flies
She's very thin, small model design!
If she blinks, Hallo! Otherwise, Auf Wiedersehen.
Her cheque is brand new, she loves to spend.

She fucked a Rolling Stone in Canada
She acts sly, paying the game
What a woman!
Totally awesome!

Totally awesome...
Totally awesome, awesome...
Totally awesome...
Totally awesome, awesome...

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