Saturday, 25 April 2009

Whorehouse in João Pessoa - Puteiro em João Pessoa

Yet another masterpiece by the neosertanist Rodolfo Abrantes. This time, the poet writes about the sexual initiation of a brazilian teenager from northern Brazil.

Life had given me two cousins that were already grown-up
One, a very fair fellow, was August, the other, shameless, was Berssange
On a sunny afternoon, all those kids drinking soda,
With the whole family drunk, it was easier to set up a recent teenager to get laid
So Berssange, an old and experient cousin, that very carefuly walked to Little August
And said

"Have you seen? Ed is going nuts, it's half the path to the pigeon eat seeds.
And in order to the lad don't get sad, we'll go where the colored women are active,
there is no place better in the whole João Pessoa than the Alive Wheel."

And so forth we went, we almost lost the brakes, and I was behind yelling
"Where are you taking me? Let's go back and fetch Mommy, we left her all alone
at the bar!"

"Oh, silly boy, leave mommy for daddy. Come with me and Little August,
you are going to be inaugurated, 'cuz you know, there has never been a fresh guy
in our family. When we arrive at the Alive Wheel, you are going to be decorated!"

When I arrived there, the forró was already angry.
Lots of sweaty dudes dancing with the girls
And the forró was going wild when an old guy,
cross-eyed after so much cachaça told me
"This girl is pasta, she's gonna make you feel great"

My cousin glanced at me and said "poor guy".
It was a smelly ho, of the most disgusting kind
But if you can't hold it, you take her to the bedroom
She put my dick in her mouth, then she crouched on all fours...

It was in a Whorehouse in João Pessoa
where I found out that life is good
it was my first time...

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