Friday, 8 May 2009

Spread this Legs! - Abre essas pernas!

This is one of the greatest pieces of work from a rock/blues band called Velhas Virgens (Virgin Old Women), composed from Paulo de Carvalho, Gynecologist and Poet, Paulo told us through this song about the importance of women health, and how it can always change everything.

“The women and the Chicken
Are two selfish animals
The Chicken for Corn
And the Women for Money”

Spread this legs to me baby
I'm tired to wait
You fuck with everybody
Only with me you don't wanna fuck

This speech of skin and feelings
Don't have sense
Not a movie or a novel
Only sex, you and me

I just made you naked in hair
At that time you give up
So spread yours legs to me, baby
To learn how do it.

You can say what do you want
Even yet I won't fuck with you
I Just fuck with who i want
In a time that I choose

Animal that fuck
Without fell or even like
I'm not an animal or a plant
Even doll for you use me

You came with this enormous dick
Thinking you wanna fuck me
I won't spread my legs to you, baby
Don't loose your time wanting for

4x - Spread this legs...

Everybody has spread
Only you can deny
Spread your legs to me, baby
Spread and let me in.

Spread this legs to me, baby
What is that about emotion?
I'm talking about up and down
Are you Lesbian?

I never saw a woman
That don't like a good fuck
Till today anybody said “NO”
And the first won't be you.

I'm offering you
Twenty centimeters for pleasure
So spread this legs to me baby
I'll be good you'll see.

Take off your head
Don't think in desire me
You fuck everybody
But with my wont gonna go

Even with your money, or your car.
Nothing can persuade me
I'm not stupid or have a price
Even paying me you won't take me.

You can go to the restroom
And masturbate yourself
I won't spread my legs to you, baby
I say No and I'm a woman.

4x - Spread this legs...

Everybody has spread
Only you can deny
Spread this legs to me, baby
Spread and let me in.

You say my money can't buy you.
You say you only do it with feelings
(only with love, my dear)
I'll prove everybody has a price
I'll prove starting the auction
70 – no!! 90 – no!! 150 – noooo!
300 – no!! 500 – no!! 790 – nooo!
800 – no!! 900 – no!! A million......

Now I fuck,
I can't deny,
Now I fuck
I can't behave my self!

Don't I'm a bitch!
Just start like you
I'll spread my legs
For love, for pleasure

Bitch, you? Even thinking!
Bitch, you? What about?
Are love at first time what I saw!
Was feelings, skin smells come here!

Sweetness, you know
I love you so much

I know since the beginning
Just left combine how much.

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