Sunday, 24 May 2009

Turn Turn:Vira Vira

The translation of this poem, by the Mamonas Assassinas, was sent by Mobus, who like most of brazilian young adults, grew up listening to them, learning everything they need about sex. This piece explains the dangers of orgies (surubas).


I was invited to an orgy
couldn't go, Mary went in my place
After a week she came back home
all loose, couldn't even sit

When I saw that I got scared
Mary, crying, began explaining
Just then I felt so relieved
And thanked God she went in my place!

Spin spin turn, release the wheel and come
My ass was felt, but I haven't eaten anyone
Spin spin turn, release the wheel and come
At this lightning of orgy, already my ass was felt
And I still haven't eaten anyone

Ah, Manoel, see here how I am
Thou can'st imagine how I am suffering
One of my boobs a big black ripped apart
And the one that is left is aching

Oh, Mary, let go of this freshness
I'll take you to hospital by the morning
Thou art so pretty monoboob
One in the hand is worth more than two in the bra!


Slam the foot, (burp), slam the foot

Oh, Mary, this orgy excites me
Raise your ass, raise your ass, raise your ass
Then go make love to a goat
Raise your ass, raise your ass, raise your ass
But, Mary, this is good for it exercises!
Slam the foot, , raise your ass, raise your ass
Manoel, thou hast poop in your head
Drop this slutness and go take care of the bakery!

Alliance of lightnings!
Everybody with me:
Wew, wew, wew, Mary gave herself badly!
Let's go!

Oh, how that hurts!

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