Friday, 12 June 2009

Drool Baby: Baba Baby

Kelly Key, as her name suggests, is a key turning point for all contemporary movements that relate to sincopated poetry. Her outstanding knowledge of the linguistics have been long appreciated among the community.
In 2002 she was candidate to become the first woman to assume a chair in the Brazilian Academy of Literature, but sadly Paulo Coelho (Paul Rabbit) took that place. The unexpected lost is still not well explained and was reflected that night by revenge and violence on the streets of the most important capitals of Brazil.

You did not believed, not even looked at me
Said that i was too young for you
But now i've grown and you wanna date me

I won't believe in this false love
That just wants to illude me, fool me, this is K.O.
So that you won´t say that i´m bad, i'll let you stare

Drool! look what you've missed
Drool! The child has grown
Drool! Well done to you
Now i'm more me

Drool! This is for you
Drool! to learn not to snob me

Drool baby, baby, drool, drool baby, drool
Drool baby, baby, drool, drool baby, drool

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