Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Party at the AP: Festa no Apê

In early 2000, Brazil suffered a tremendous increase of financing options due to the healty economy. The high prices of key brazilian commodities like soccer players, soap operas and transsexuals from Rio were listed as the main responsibles.
The lower class, seeing a window of opportunity to have its own dream home, searched for bank financing like bees searching for honey.

A young poet from the Post-neo-naturalist school named Latin witnessed this historical moment.
He wrote a piece that became incredibly popular among the lower class folks who had the chance to finance their first real estate property.

Today it's party at my place
You can show up
There'll be leh-leh butt
Today it's party at my place
There's booze
Until dawn

Get here
You may come
Who's here is at home

Hello, pleasure!
The night (yummy) it's ours.
Waiter, please, come over and attend well the guests.

It's good
It is good
Here nobody stays lonely
Come in and take a drink
'Cause the night is a kid

Hornyness, seduction, lust in the air
In my room there's even people doing orgy

It's good
It is good
All is party
Gonna mock the womanriver and the plate will heat up

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