Sunday, 11 October 2009

Dude Oh My, I'm Chameleon: Cara Caramba, Sou Camaleão

In early 80's, at the city of Savior (capital of Bahia state), a new movement of poetry started to evolve at the Acarajés kiosks near the beach.

These young new artists were interested in bringing bahia's poetry back to the mainstream, to be in some way accessible to the common people.
The task was really difficult for them, due to their formal education in classic poetry.
All their efforts failled at creating something deep, thoughtful and accessible to the common brazilian.

One day, a poet named Bell Marques, frustrated with his creations, had an overdose of Acarjé in a small kiosk near the sea. Dizzy and with halucinations, Bell runned straight to the sea, in a confusion state much of the beach folks called "maluco da porra".
Struggling against the sea waves, Bell saw a vision that would change Bahia's poetry forever: It was Iemanjá, the brazilian goddess herself. She said "Bell my king, take this cassete. It contains all the essence of Bahia needed for your poetry breakthrough. Axé!"

From this day on, the city of Savior has been known as the birthplace of Axé Music. A deep, thoughtful, rhythmed and accessible form of brazilian poetry that spawns it's most delightful creations during the summer and carnaval periods.

The followinng piece is one of the most well known creation of Bell Marques and his group of poets, who called themselves Bubblegum with Banana.

Dude Oh My I'm Chameleon

Dude oh my, Dude faceô

Come live the summer
Come enjoy Savior
I'm chameleon
Let me be your love

There's no half face
Oh my what a need of love
You're owner of my will
I change my way and color

I touch you, I hug you
I lock you
At the sun rays
Mix the future and the present
Now I go to the lighthouse

Dude oh my, Dude faceô

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