Thursday, 29 October 2009

I threw the dick in the cat: Atirei o pau no gato

To celebrate the children's month we decided to post some juvenile poems.
This poem, particularly, is highly misunderstood.
It was not supposed to be childish. In fact "I threw the dick in the cat" is probably the first homossexual poem published in Brazil in the dictatorship period. Its author is unknown.
In this poem, the author tells the story of a man who had his first homossexual experiences with his housekeeper.
In the first lines, he explains that he 'threw' the dick in the cat (in Brazil, cat ['gato'] is a slang for 'handsome man'). After throwing his dick on the handsome man, he saw that the man didn't died, but he screamed. He is detailed, though, about his wife Chica's reaction.
The fact that the author is talking about his housekeeper was not noticed until recent researchers find out that when he emphatically repeats the last syllables of the last words, he says: dona chica-CA, admirou-se-SE,ber-RO. This syllables form the word casero (housekeeper).

I threw the dick in the cat
but the cat
didn't died
Miss Chica
Admired herself
With the scream
with the scream that the cat screamed


  1. It should be noted that there is another version, or rather an addendum, of this poem being pushed by some conservatives, surely aware of the hidden homossexual undertones.

    Do not throw the dick in the cat
    because that should not be done
    The kitten is our friend
    We should not mistreat the animals

    This version directly instructs the reader not to pursue gay sex, reasoning that having gay sex with a friend is akin to mistreating.

  2. The only problem being that the poem predates the slang "gato" and therefore negates such entertaining interpretations.

  3. I'm brazilian,and "pau" has a lot of meanings here.It can be "dick", or "stick".And in this music,it's used like "stick" (it's a children music dude :p ).And,yep,gato means "handsome guy" it's an expression,but,in this case,it's only cat...
    Anyway,I laughed a lot >.< this music is part of my childhood =w=

  4. this is by far the most ridiculous interpretation of this song i have ever heard!! had a laugh thou