Monday, 22 February 2016

Naked in Santos - Pelados em Santos

All generations need their own obsessive love song. The eighties had “Every breath you take”, the nineties had “Losing my religion” and Brazil at the same time had its famous Naked in Santos (Pelados in Santos), from Mamonas assassinas (killer castor beans). This song is considered a masterpiece for its use of both English and Portuguese mixed in the lyrics to describe how the hero was able to deal with really hard situations despite the fact he did not speak either correctly. It is also remembered by the generations that were inspired by its message and shocked by the sudden and tragic death of all of the band members in an airplane accident after recording its only and first album and during what people considered not only the peak of their careers but also the golden age of Brazilian music as a whole. The day of their death (march 3rd, 1996) is still remembered as “The day Brazilian music died” by its still growing legion of admirers.

Translator note: some mistakes were reproduced from the original Brazilian poem. The parts in English were translated back to Portuguese to represent the author’s ability to deal with both languages.

Baby, your hair is of hour

Your big body guitar, my coconut little candy
Yo leaving me crazy

My yellow VW
is of open doors
So we can love each other
Naked in Santos

‘Cause you, my Pitchula
left me big cool
I don’t feelch lonely
You are my little chayote

Musica é muito bom
(O People ah ah ah)
But with me she does not want to marry
(O People ah ah ah)
In yellow VW with gaucha wheels
she doesn’t want to enter
(O People ah ah ah)

Is beans with jabá
The bitch don’t want to share
But she is gorgeous
Ai sim! Ai não!
My little coconut candy

Musica é muito porreta
(Oh people, Paraguay)
To Paraguay she did not want to travel
(Oh people, Paraguay)
I bought a Reebok and a Fiorucci pants
She does not want to use
(Oh people, Paraguay)

I don’t know what to do
To conquer this baby
Cause she is gorgeous
A lotch more than gorgeous
Muito, Muito bonita

You leave me very crazy!
Ai sim! Ai não!
My little chayote!

Ai sim! Ai não, não não
I do te amo vocee……..

Wait a moment that there is 
a bit more of “e”

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