Thursday, 25 August 2016

Details - Detalhes

Brazil has been a liberal country since its foundation, from the naked indigenous people to its acceptance of transgender people during the Carnaval celebrations, Brazil has a culture of accepting people by the gender they choose instead the one they were born. Roberto Carlos shows us this acceptance by describing here a gay couple and their unconditional love despite some disadvantage in a part of their male anatomy.

It is not easy to forget me
During too much time in your life I'll live 
Small details of us too
Are too big things to forget
And every hour we will be present
You'll see 
If another man appear on your street
And this brings memories about me, it is your fault
The loud roar of your car
The old discolored trousers or something like that
You'll immediately remember me 
I know the other must be saying on your ear
Love words like I said, but, I doubt
I doubt he has too much love
And the mistakes of my bad English
And at that time you'll remember me 
At night, involved in the silence of your room
Before sleeping you look for my portrait
But on the frame I am not the only one that smiles
But you see my smile anyway
And all this will make you'll remember me 
If someone touch your body like me, don't say anything
Don't say my name by mistake to the wrong person
Thinking you have love at this moment, desperate
You try until the end
And at that moment you'll remember me 
I know these details will disappear on the long road
From time that transforms every love in almost anything
But almost is also a detail
A big love is not going to die like this
Because of that, sometimes you will,
you will remember me 
Don't even bother trying to forget me
During lots and lots of time in your life I'll live

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