Sunday, 22 January 2017

Animal World - Mundo Animal

A little known fact about Mamonas Assassinas (Killer Castor Beans, already featured on this blog on Turn Turn and Naked in Santos) was their philanthropic work, especially geared towards educating the young generations in topics like sexual education, foreign languages and gender studies. In this poem they explain in a really simplified way the rich world fauna and its reproduction mechanisms. Its adoption by the ministry of education in the official Brazilian curriculum helped a whole generation to learn faster and improve their lives.

Eating armadillos is good.
Too bad it hurts my back.
Because the animal is too short
And that's why I prefer the goats

The goat has breasts
That feed their descendants
In the animal world there is lots of fornication
For example, dogs
Who fucks her own mother, her sister and her aunts
They get stuck at four loving each other
In broad daylight

The animals, have some interesting animals
Just imagine what the elephant's sex is like
And the camels that have the balls on their backs
And the cows that wherever they go
Leave a trail of shit

The doves when they fly
Incredibly, they fly overhead
With their ass pointing at our heads
Then comes the blast of their anal bazooka
There are doves with laser sight
The shot comes out always fatal.

Totally beautiful whales in the ocean
Swimming with grace, fleeing from hunting
Of human men
The man is cuckold and cruel
But the whale that does not horn and is faithful

[chorus 2x]

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