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Gym Class: Aula de Ginastica

One of the most renowned philosophers of the mid 20th Century, Costinha , concerned that people should not only aim for the development of a superior state of mind but should also take care of their bodies for that would be of great importance in the growth of the individual, made a poem that later that century would be revisited by the avant-gard movement of Carioca Funk , becoming familiar to the great audience, moving emotionally and touching millions of hearts. Gym Class Gym Class Gym Class Do it with me Do it with me Do-do-do-do-do-do it with me Hand in the forehead Hand in the breast and now Hand in the coochie Hand in the coochie Ha-ha-hand in the coochie

Krah-Krah Soap: Sabão Crá-Crá

In the 90's, the government of Brasília faced an alarming epidemic of Fournier Infection. This nasty disease is a necrotic infection, caused by low standards of hygiene in the genital area and has similar effect to the ever forbidden Lico chemical. Concerned by the fact that all male population of Brasilia could loose it's sexual organ, and thus considerably reducing population and economic growth in the short term, the government created a special soap containing chemical agents to treat the infection. A poem to instruct the population on the use of the soap, named Krah-Krah, aired on TV, radio, as well published in newspapers and magazines. The poem was an acclaimed piece nationwide, winning several awards, including a "Troféu Impresa" in the year of 1992. Krah-Krah soap Krah-Krah soap Doesn't let the ball's hair roll up Kreh-Kreh soap Kreh-Kreh soap Doesn't let the ball's hair stand up Kree-Kree soap Kree-Kree soap Doesn't let the ball's

The Chucklefuck from Mesquita: A Chatuba de Mesquita

As a developing country, Brazil has a strong contrast between social classes and groups. This social contrast also re percuss into the poetry scene. Groups coming from more humble neighborhoods decide to adopt local slangs and a more raw and aggressive way of expressing their feelings through words. The following piece was created by one of these groups, called Hurricane Two-Thousand . The title of this piece refers to the neighborhood of Chatuba, located in the district of Mesquita, in Rio de Janeiro. Chatuba is also a local slang, used as a verb ( i.e. I will chatubar the party! ) or as a noun ( i.e. This place is a chatuba ), meaning chuclefucking: a big messy and chaotic situation. Attention, Chucklefuck has arrived Let's crunk it up Sex machine I'd intercourse like an animal The Chucklefuck from Mesquita Of anal sex tram Playboy brat Anal sex funker The Chucklefuck from Mesquita Shags all the chicks We walk wearing Redleys We come to get women The Chucklefuck from Mes

Whorehouse in João Pessoa - Puteiro em João Pessoa

Yet another masterpiece by the neosertanist Rodolfo Abrantes. This time, the poet writes about the sexual initiation of a brazilian teenager from northern Brazil. Life had given me two cousins that were already grown-up One, a very fair fellow, was August, the other, shameless, was Berssange On a sunny afternoon, all those kids drinking soda, With the whole family drunk, it was easier to set up a recent teenager to get laid So Berssange, an old and experient cousin, that very carefuly walked to Little August And said "Have you seen? Ed is going nuts, it's half the path to the pigeon eat seeds. And in order to the lad don't get sad, we'll go where the colored women are active, there is no place better in the whole João Pessoa than the Alive Wheel." And so forth we went, we almost lost the brakes, and I was behind yelling "Where are you taking me? Let's go back and fetch Mommy, we left her all alone at the bar!" "Oh, silly boy, leave mommy for

Totally Awesome: Totalmente demais

This piece, by Hanói-Hanói discusses the problems of upper-class women. The parts translated into german in this master piece were written originally in English, but to keep with the author's intentions of alienating the reader of the upper-class terms, they were translated into german. We apologize for not translating them into latin. Gorgeous as a baby What gender has, what gender has? Dates always with Schwulen What sense does it make? So homossexualy sensual Rock'n Roll? For her, it's Jazz! She has scored Hohe Leben, Gesellschaft Paying the tall game! Smart as no one She goes on good She just scores. During full moon she's crazy She's in love, I don't know with whom! She shaked... one extra sprout. She didn't even think about it... She enjoyed it! She's gone already! It was just to relax. Totally awesome, awesome. Totally awesome, awesome. Totally awesome, awesome. Totally awesome! She always knows who has it. She builds airplane, she just scores.

Bon-bon Brown: Marrom Bombom

One of the many "Os Morenos" (the Browns) masterpieces, this lyrical ballad shows the brazilian 90's vanguard at its best: We have every thing on our side Pray thee, stay with me!  M'lady by my side, every thing is nice Pray thee, stay with me!  By the shore, front to the seaside Pray thee, stay with me!  M'lady, it is too wonderful to love  Is you I need!  Slip off ye Jeans, put yer dental floss Brown girl ye are so sinfully sensual On the sands, our love On the beach, our sounds Lo, be magic in our colour!  Our brown colour Bon-bon Brown, Bon-bon Brown!  Our colour of brown!

Dust: Poeira

This second poem shows us a dark, yet beautiful perspective about life and death written by Ivete Sangalo, one of the most important Axeists from the start of this century. Dust Dust It raisen up the dust

Jizzled in the handle: Esporrei na Manivela

A very beautiful and meaningful neo-sertanist poetry, by Rodolfo Abrantes. Entered the train, jizzled in the handle The inspector, mother-fucker, threw me out through the window I fell on the floor, with my dick exposed And an old bag sent me to the Sheriff The Sheriff had the face of a deer and ordered me to drink in the ass I drank in an ass, but I drank in the wrong ass When I realised, it was the sheriff's ass The public transportation is ideal for groping, As people in crowds tend to rub each other With the old colored women it's leg here and leg there And if the cunt is poorly washed, it makes the cheese sweat. "Speak Head!" Whether it's in bumps or sudden breaks, Whether it's in curves or highways, Those are ideal situations for groping, At the public transport, what matters is the Dick's law: Those who have it, rub on those who don't, Those who don't, just get themselves screwed up. Mr. Sheriff, this is the deal Mr. Sheriff, release the