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Popcorn: Pipoca

The Araketu is a collective formed in the 90's. Among other issues related to group therapy, they were particularly engaged on Personality Crisis and how it affects the social relations of the individual as subject for their poetry. In this piece they use exploding popcorn to exemplify the panic and distortion of values related to this problem and how often it particularly occurs in chain reactions. the fire is fire it heatens it heatens our love the fire is fire heat up that the ara arrived! the araketu the araketu when it touches leaves everybody jumping like popcorn

United of the Dick on Four: Unidos do Caralho a Quatro

Hermes and Renato are famous for their didactic aproach to contemporary philosophy. Fervorous Kantianists, in early 00's they published this poetic study on the contributions of the carnival phenomenon according to the Categorical Imperative. Cry Cavaco! Since the most primordial times The dick is there (is there, is there) breaking into the vaginas Terrifying the girls (of what, Fuínha?) of family (beautiful!) Since the most primordial times The dick is there (is there, is there) Plump and veiny Bushy and big headed on Sapucaí Hello my Dicky people! Dick, cock and pissy Cork, weiner and big head (Beautiful! Beautiful!) Shlong, Rod or sausage Lollypop, banana or frank Women likes money Those who like turkey are gay Lower the pants and show the cock United of the Dick on Four Shuddering the Carnival My shlong is work apparatus Who liked, liked Who didn't liked go for the dick

Mayonnaise: Maionese

Few authors have courage to embrace surrealism nowadays and go back to it's origin as Gil Melândia. Believing that there is still unexplored beauty in this form of art she worked hard in the past decade. One of her most brilliant works of surrealistic axé is this piece, on which, according to specialists, she describes what seems to be the rememberings of a wormwood absinth hangover. Beat that beat, here comes the chocolate Mayonnaise He beats me Beats me up like Mayonnaise and what a had drank raised up directly and went to the head Mayonnaise He beats me Beats me up like Mayonnaise I don't even know my name anymore And where i live doesn't matter anymore

Turn Turn:Vira Vira

The translation of this poem, by the Mamonas Assassinas, was sent by Mobus , who like most of brazilian young adults, grew up listening to them, learning everything they need about sex. This piece explains the dangers of orgies (surubas). Lightning! I was invited to an orgy couldn't go, Mary went in my place After a week she came back home all loose, couldn't even sit When I saw that I got scared Mary, crying, began explaining Just then I felt so relieved And thanked God she went in my place! (Chorus) Spin spin turn, release the wheel and come My ass was felt, but I haven't eaten anyone Spin spin turn, release the wheel and come At this lightning of orgy, already my ass was felt And I still haven't eaten anyone Ah, Manoel, see here how I am Thou can'st imagine how I am suffering One of my boobs a big black ripped apart And the one that is left is aching Oh, Mary, let go of this freshness I'll take you to hospital by the morning Thou art so pretty monoboob

Mineral Water: Água Mineral

Carlinhos Brown is a religious poet from Salvador, Bahia. Among his beliefs, the faith in the power of water, which he describes as the "precious bodily fluids", was of great importance to him. Worried that his increasing post-coital fatigue was caused by unpure fluoridade water he decided to spread these words of hope: Drank water? NO! Are you thirsty? YES! Look, look, look, look the mineral water Mineral water Mineral water Mineral water From Candeal You will be fine

Spread this Legs! - Abre essas pernas!

This is one of the greatest pieces of work from a rock/blues band called Velhas Virgens (Virgin Old Women), composed from Paulo de Carvalho, Gynecologist and Poet, Paulo told us through this song about the importance of women health, and how it can always change everything. “The women and the Chicken Are two selfish animals The Chicken for Corn And the Women for Money” Spread this legs to me baby I'm tired to wait You fuck with everybody Only with me you don't wanna fuck This speech of skin and feelings Don't have sense Not a movie or a novel Only sex, you and me I just made you naked in hair At that time you give up So spread yours legs to me, baby To learn how do it. You can say what do you want Even yet I won't fuck with you I Just fuck with who i want In a time that I choose Animal that fuck Without fell or even like I'm not an animal or a plant Even doll for you use me You came with this enormous dick Thinking you wanna fuck me I won't spread my legs

Fair of the Fruit: Feira da Fruta

Our colleague Vitor Moura sent us this poem, by Banda Capote, which tells about a visit to one of the many fruit fairs that one can found around Brazil I entered the fair of the fruit To see what the fair of fruit had It had banana, strawberry and orange It just lacked the jack fruit of my honey Fair of fruit is the most expensive fair Where it only gives villains There are the family-size fair There are even the fair of the melon Fair of fruit, ei Fair of fruit, ah x2

Hold the Tchan: Segura o Tchan

Altough the general scenario of the 90's brazilian poetry was based on a new found inspiration on lust, drugs and alcohol as an implicit protest to the treatment received by those in control, some artists like Cumpadre Washington, Beto Jamaica and their muses: Jacaré, Carla Perez and Debora Brasil, which formed the collective known as "É o tchan", steped aside and focused on higher interests of the spirit, like the beauty of the miracle of birth, for example, in that next piece. Twisted born dick never gets straight Girl that rebrakes, mother holds in the head Sunday she won't go go go Sunday she won't go go go go go go go Hold the Tchan Tie the Tchan Hold the Tchan Tchan Tchan Tchan Tchan All that is perfect We grab by the arm Throw her in the middle Put in the above put in the bottom After nine months you see the result After nine months you see the result Hold the Tchan Tie the Tchan Hold the Tchan Tchan Tchan Tchan Tchan

Little Mare Pocotó : Éguinha Pocotó

Lots of people in Brazil still don't have access to cars or even public transportation services. Some of these people recourse to horses as a transportation mean, and such a close relation to these animals inspire many poems. This one, written by M. C. Serginho, shows the importance that these animals are given by these people. I'm sending a little kiss To my daughter and to grandma But I shouldn't forget About my little mare Pocotó Clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop My little mare Pocotó The Ass and the little horse They never ride alone When they go strolling They take the little mare Pocotó Clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop My little mare Pocotó