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Wheelbarrel: Carrinho de mão

From time to time, the newer generations tend to go back to it's origins and dialogue with it's ancestors and question, reinvent or simply remember the words from the past masters. Is beautiful to see this young poets exchanging talent and evolving towards a more concise and superior state of art. In this particular case, the group called Terra Samba presented us a new perspective on the masterwork Construção (Construction) from Chico Buarque de Holanda to enter the new century.

This is the wave
This is the wave
of the wheelbarrel

I'll show
To the girl
and to the boy
the wave of the wheelbarrel
this is how you do it
this is how you do it

in a gentle manner i hold
your little hand
and then i caress with endearment
your little waist
Prance your little body
and the arms backwards
The wave of the wheelbarrel
is done that way
The lady goes
and the gentleman goes behind
Pushing the lady
Foward and backwards


Party at the AP: Festa no Apê

In early 2000, Brazil suffered a tremendous increase of financing options due to the healty economy. The high prices of key brazilian commodities like soccer players, soap operas and transsexuals from Rio were listed as the main responsibles.
The lower class, seeing a window of opportunity to have its own dream home, searched for bank financing like bees searching for honey.

A young poet from the Post-neo-naturalist school named Latin witnessed this historical moment.
He wrote a piece that became incredibly popular among the lower class folks who had the chance to finance their first real estate property.

Today it's party at my place
You can show up
There'll be leh-leh butt
Today it's party at my place
There's booze
Until dawn

Get here
You may come
Who's here is at home

Hello, pleasure!
The night (yummy) it's ours.
Waiter, please, come over and attend well the guests.

It's good
It is good
Here nobody stays lonely
Come in and take a drink
'Cause the night is a kid


In The Little Mouth of the Bottle: Na Boquinha da Garrafa

This is the second translation of a work from the unquestionable talented group of artists called É o Tchan here. After the enormous sucess of their first poems they've entered a obscure phase on their lives. In their own words, they "Couldn't Hold on" and sadly they've fallen in a heavy period of alcohol abuse. The pressure of the publishers crashed against their pure and inocent souls. Although we dislike to remember our idols in this sittuation, we can't refuse to mention the brilliant art that came as result of it all.

In the samba she told me she rubs
In the samba i've seen her brake

In the samba she likes the rub rub
Exchanged me for the bottle
Couldn't hold on and went rubbing

Go rubbing in the little mouth of the bottle
It's in the little mouth of the bottle
Go down on the little mouth of the bottle
It's in the little mouth of the bottle

Lower more, lower a bit more
Lower more, lower slowly

Go leaving from the little mouth of the bottle
It's fr…