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Only in the Little Shoe: Só No Sapatinho

Is not usual to see a young man reject the confort of a wealthy family in order to express himself artisticaly. Bruno Coimbra, son of Zico (one of the best football [soccer] players of all time), refused to live in the shadow of his father and debuted as a poet in the mid-90's in a short but very well suceeded career. He and the group he formed called Só No Sapatinho released a homonimous poem at that time that still remain in the memory of those who fell in love with it at first glance. Soon after releasing this piece, Bruno decided to search for other things and became president of a team. She arrives conceited and smiley Imediately, everybody smells her perfume in the air She dances a different swing Goes backwards and goes foward, lowering slowly This fox got game on her waist She is a mature grape and the gang wants to taste Scumbag is in the bitterness' street He's craving but it will be me who's gonna get Only in the little shoe, oh oh Only in the little shoe,