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The Blackitude Period

In 1986, a little clan of young friends gathered in Carapicuíba's Cohab, a very known stop for hipsters. It was a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, with the elite of the intellectual posse always present. When the poet that went by the nickname of "Little Grandson of Paul", probably a biblical reference, stopped reciting his verse, the owner of the restaurant asked him what kind of group they were, that came every night to his restaurant to recite poetry. Though his exact words are now forgotten, someone commented on the "Blackitude", a reference to their attitude, and the skin colour of the participants. From behind the counter another poet, called "Little Baby" (probably a reference to the baby Jesus), complemented: "Junior Blackitude". They have written this superb piece of pre-modern brazilian verse that I share with you now. I see you, I feel you! I cry, I smile! I want to find you Movie, little beer on a glass An embrace in the little d