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She stole my lorry - Ela roubou meu caminhão

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the long time without updates. I've been wandering around the world spreading the beauty of the Brazilian poetry, and enjoying the fine alcohol from many countries.

Anyway, this song, She stole my truck, by Matanza, a popular neo-brazilian blues group, presents the struggles of many blue-collar truck drivers, that while dreaming of an idilic life driving around the country, have their lorries, and thus their livelihoods, stolen by those they trust the most. Unencumbered by minor things such as delivery times, alcohol restrictions imposed by the road code, or the will to live, they move permanently into pubs, where they become wards of the state, under the President Squid's highly controversial "Bolsa Caminhão" benefits programme.

She stole my lorry She stole my lorry She wrote me that she couldn't stand me anymore And went away with my lorry
She left, and left me here She left, and left me here When I woke up and saw, m…