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Dick - Detetive

Detetive is a traditional southern Brazilian group Nin-Jitsu Community, a martial arts cult commune known for their thought provoking commentary on world affairs, in an interesting mix of music and interpretive dance.

In this poem, the high priest commune's frontman Bro Mudanças, confides in a friend about his dad's job, being a Dick (possibly for the Brazilian police), and compares his dad's daily life to his friend's dad's life, who leads a much saner lifestyle by being a broker. While sounding like boasting to the untrained eye, the use of the verb "to have" in the past tense, the implied message that his dad partakes in ritualistic offerings (by saying that the broker is unable to do so), and citing the morbid possibility of being HIV Positive, Bro Mudanças is actually showing us that he's prepared for his dad's inevitable death on the job, and his dissatisfaction at his dad's apparent disregard for his own life.

While the Commune is base…

If - Se

Djavan, the biggest composer of the Brazilian Cryptosonic movement. This movement was at its strongest during the iron years, when Brazil was under a military dictatorship, and applying heavy censorship laws. Some artists relied on not-subtle-at-all wordplay to make songs with double entendre, while the artists of this movement relied on writing poems that, unless the listener had the correct encryption key, made no sense at all.

On encryption systems, it's technically impossible to distinguish encrypted data from random bits, and on Cryptosonic music, it's impossible to distinguish a song with a hidden message from someone just picking random words from the dictionary. It's believed that 90% of songs were just fluff to confuse eavesdroppers, while the rest of songs were instructions to Soviet spies trying to infiltrate our Glorious Nation. We're not saying that Mr. Djavan's songs are random junk, or that he's a soviet spy, but there's a very high probabili…

Midfielder's move (Ah! Fanfan fan fan) - Passinho do Volante (Ah! Leklek Lek Lek)

This impressively long piece by Federated MC and the Fanfans, known for the hit "The Dislocating Move", a cautionary tale about overly complex choreographies. In fact, when performing that song live, Federated MC dislocates his shoulder so the pain in his voice is real.

Unlike that hit, tho, this is a purely commercial song. It was written in 2012 as a Jingle for a very aggressive campaign by the #23 fan manufacturing company in Brasil, and in those ads, Midfielder Arouca was the pitch man, and was shown dancing around huge fans. It should be noted that ads announced an interesting offer: upon purchasing a electrical fan, customers would also get a manual fan (Leque, or as Mr. Federate prefers to spell, Lek), which came in quite handy during the horrible blackouts that haunted our Nation.

While the official cause of the blackouts was never disclosed by the government, our sources say it was an experiment to reduce violence, as it's well known that most drug dealers are a…

Mobile unlock code - Senha Do Celular

Brazilian culture, as we all know, it's a very paternalistic, cisgender, heteronormative and other weird adjetives that Tumblr likes to use that makes us all feel a little guilty inside, so as a product of such a vicious culture, we sometimes get weird pieces that shock those living in more advanced countries, such as our dear readers in Burkina Faso or Chad.

In this piece, Mobile unlock code, by the critically acclaimed duo Henry and Jacob, tells us of the trials and tribulations of a man whose female property significant other dares to deny him his constitutional right to check on her mobile. While untrained eyes might believe that his concerned that she's having an affair, the careful wording chosen by the authors shows us that he's mainly concerned that his slave love has obtained property through illegal means, or is owing money to someone (possibly a loan shark or a con man), for which she is clearly ashamed, as no rational human being would face the charges of "…