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Animal World - Mundo Animal

A little known fact about Mamonas Assassinas (Killer Castor Beans, already featured on this blog on  Turn Turn  and Naked in Santos ) was their philanthropic work, especially geared towards educating the young generations in topics like sexual education, foreign languages and gender studies. In this poem they explain in a really simplified way the rich world fauna and its reproduction mechanisms. Its adoption by the ministry of education in the official Brazilian curriculum helped a whole generation to learn faster and improve their lives. Eating armadillos is good. Too bad it hurts my back. Because the animal is too short And that's why I prefer the goats The goat has breasts That feed their descendants In the animal world there is lots of fornication For example, dogs Who fucks her own mother, her sister and her aunts They get stuck at four loving each other In broad daylight [chorus] The animals, have some interesting animals Just imagine what

Emotions - Emoções

We've covered on previous postings  the art of Mr. Roberto Carlos, his peculiar preference for women that are 20 years younger than he is, and how some of his songs show how accepting brazilian culture is of smaller penises. By reading all of this, one would think that our man is all about sex, but that's where you're mistaken, oh foreign friend: Roberto Carlos is also about romance and emotions. So much so that his name is one of the synonyms for love, passion and kitsch, if the Brazilian Academy of Letters is to be believed. When I am here and live this beautiful moment   Looking at you and the same emotions feeling   They are many lived, they are moments I have not forgotten   Details of a life, stories I've told here Friends I have earned, loneliness I felt departing And sometimes I let you see me crying smiling   I know everything the love is capable of giving me I know I've suffered but I don't stop loving   If I loved or if I smiled